Race Info

Snoopy Run Date: Sun 24 April 2016.
Time: 7am - 10:45am.

Route to Singapore Sports Hub

Event Info

This is a fun run for friends and families, approximately 5km depending on final route approvals. It is not a high intensity sports marathon. The fun run is open to anyone over 5 years old. Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult. Participants under 18 years of age must have their parent or guardian sign a permissions form.

Participants should be healthy, and not suffer from any previous injuries, or heart conditions. All runners should remember to stay hydrated. We suggest you could bring a water bottle, or there will be water stops. If anyone does not feel well on the day of the race, you should not partake in the race.

Safety is very important, so please remember to respect other runners. More race information and details will follow shortly.

Terms and Conditions


1. What to bring
2. Starting times and schedule

What to bring:

All registered participants must wear both the Snoopy Run T-shirt and number bib before the Run. Please fasten your bib securely, as you will need it to collect your medal. Other runner gifts (such as the beagle nose, drawstring bag etc.), participants may decide whether or not to take them to the run at your own discretion. Parents should assist children under 12 to fasten the bib.
Storage will not be provided, so please bring only what is necessary to make your fun run easier.
Stay hydrated. The organizer will provide water stops, but we suggest you bring a water bottle to stay hydrated.
Stay Healthy: Please bring a cap and sun block to prevent heat stroke.

Starting times and schedule:

The color of the bib represent the runners’ starting time. Starting times will be updated on our website closer to the run.
Warm up: Runners should first go to the stage area to do warm up exercise 30 minutes before the starting of each flag-off. 10 minutes before starting, please make sure to assemble in front of the starting line.
Designed different flag-off times are necessary to make sure the starts are easier for runners, and handled more safely. Please try and stick to your designated starting time. If you have small children eg 5 to 7 years, you can come to the front of the starting line, as special start-offs will be done for families or children. If you need to change your starting time, for example, to run with other friends, this will be permitted, but we will not change your number bib.

Rules and Regulation
Any change or supplementary matters of this activity will be published in the Snoopy Run activity official website and Facebook fans page.

  1. The run is open to persons age 5 years and up. Minors under 18 of age must properly fill in the Guardian Consent Form. Please scan or copy the signatory materials and email them to the organizer: guardian@snoopyrun.com
  2. Participants must collect their runner pack from the designated venue. Participants must bring their ID, or representative’s ID, to collect packs. Late collection will not be allowed. The organizers will provide a 2 or 3 day collection period approximately 1 week before the run.
  3. Race packs not collected during the collection time will be forfeited. There are no refunds.
  4. Worldshare Pte Ltd may use the participants’ information to email or contact them regarding this run. Or also for other future events or offers - if it does so, the participant, will have the option to opt out on the email db.
  1. All registered participants must wear both the Snoopy Run T-shirt and number bib on the event day before the Run. Runners without the number bib will be considered as non-runners, and staff is entitled to ask them to leave the racing track.
  2. For safety concerns, and venue traffic control, runners should reach the event stage area 30mins prior to their assigned flag off time. This is a fun run. There is no official timing of each participant.
  3. For safety concern, pets are not allowed on the race-track.
  4. No childcare service is provided for the run. Children registered for the run must be accompanied by parents/guardians at all time. Please keep your children close at all times! In the event if your child is lost, please go to the service counter or stage area to seek for broadcast assistance.
    For Safety concern, Baby strollers are prohibited during the run.
    Please do not push your stroller on to the race track.
  5. To prevent possible runner congestion, runners who run slower or walk, please keep left. Please leave the right lane for the runners who want to run faster.
  6. Participants must follow the race route and arrows. Participants must listen to the marshals on the day. If you are tired you can stop on the side at any time.
  1. Please check your personal health condition before the run. If you have or currently are suffering from the following illness / disease, which belong to higher risk group you must not run. Please consult with your doctor for a professional opinion. Do not proceed with the run if you are suffering from: chest chest pain, suffering from any unknown illness, feeling dizzy for unknown cause, sudden unconsciousness, high blood pressure (>140/90mmHG), heart disease, abnormal renal function, diabetes, hyperlipemia (total cholesterol>240mg/Dl), family heart disease history (first-degree relatives suffer from heart disease or sudden death before 60 years old), epilepsy etc.
  2. Safety is the first priority, during the run; if you feel uncomfortable, please stop immediately! The organizer reserves the right to remove any participant that is physically incapable of continuing with the race to prevent causing greater harm/injury to the participant.
  3. In the event you are injured and cannot speak, we suggest you carry your ID with you. But please make sure you do not lose it.
  4. The organizer insures “General public liability insurance” for the runners participating in the Singapore Snoopy Run. The insurance coverage limits to the activity period and activity scope, undertaking the claims settlement for the accidental injury suffered from the planning and execution of the organization. In case of symptoms caused by individual’s prior medical condition (such as the consequences caused by shock, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy etc.), it will not be included in the acceptance scope of “General public liability insurance”.
  1. The Organizer is entitled to play, exhibit or publish the videos, photos and performance of the run, participants of the run, spectators alongside the run, in the websites, social media, or media publications of the organizer or media partners around the world, participants must agree that their faces could be used in the publicity or marketing by the organizer or sponsors. And all relevant copyrights of the images, videos or photos shall be owned by the organizer.
  2. Weather or cancellation: The fun run will continue if there is some rain. If the rain is extreme, we pay postpone the starting time. If it weather is so severe that it becomes dangerous, the race may be stopped. There are no cancellation fees or refunds in the event of adverse weather. In case of force majeure factors, the organizer may adjust the run, or postpone or cancel the run, and relevant announcement will be announced in the official website before the run.
  3. In case of force majeure factors, the organizer may adjust the activity contents, or even postpone or cancel the activity, and relevant announcement will be announced in the official website before the run.
  4. Any change or supplementary matters of this run will be published in the Singapore Snoopy Run official website.
Please run or participate according to your own physical condition on the day of the run. Please make sure to have ample sleep the day before the run and complete eating at least 1 hour before running on the day. The organizer provides first aid, and ambulances at the venue. The Organizer insures up to SGD 3 million for public liability insurance, underwriting claims settlement for accidental injury caused by improper facility of the organizer or staff negligence. Any symptom of disease caused by personal disease will not be covered by this insurance coverage.
Underwriting contents of public accidental insurance (all details shall be subject to the insurance contract of the insurance company) Where the insured causes the third person’s injury, death or property loss due to the following accidents occurs during the period of insurance, liability for compensation shall be borne pursuant to law, in case of compensation claims therefor, the insurance company shall bear the compensation liability for the insured:
It is recommended that each participant should also have their own private coverage or insurance before any sporting event such as a run.

  1. The insured or its employee suffers from the accident occurs in the place of business specified in this insurance policy due to the action of business operation.
  2. The insured suffers from the accident occurs in the building, passageway, machine or other work pieces in business operation.
  1. Sport injury caused by individual behavior or disease.
  2. Symptom caused by individual body constitution or angiocarpy, such as shock, heart disease, diabetes, heat exhaustion, sunstroke, altitude sickness, epilepsy, dehydration etc.
  3. The disease symptom caused by individual disease will not be under insurance coverage, if participants have chest discomfort (chest distress, chest pain) for unknown cause, dyspnea for unknown cause, family heart disease history or medical history of diseases as stated in Paragraph b, participants are suggested to take careful consideration for the sake of personal safety, and voluntarily insure additional personal accident insurance.

Download Parent guardian consent form

Snoopy Run defined route finishing gift

Runners finishing the competition shall go to the “Snoopy Run Finishing Gift Claiming Area” to claim the finishing gift with the number tag no later than 10:45 on the run day, the finishing gift includes at least one Snoopy Run finishing medal and possible gifts from sponsors. After claiming, staff will check the participants’ number bib. If you do not have an official bib and tshirt you will not be able to claim a medal or any gifts. Medals can only be claimed on the run day.

Health and Safety tips

Organizer: Worldshare Pte Ltd

Stay updated. . Inform any of your friends or family of any updates if you helped register for them.
Visit our website: www.snoopyrun.com
And/or visit our facebook page: facebook.com/snoopyrunsingapore
The organizer reserves the right to make any changes to the run if necessary. These may include changes to (but not limited to) the riles, regulation, terms and conditions, run details, venue, runner packs' contents, design, materials or specifications, time, date, prizes, gifts, sponsors, photo opportunities, personalities or other information announced or published. Extra effort will be made to minimize any changes


Snoopy Run
Singapore Sports Hub

Sun 24 April 2016, 7:15am to 11:00am

Transport Info

The Singapore Hub is conveniently located right on the MRT,
major bus routes, and central roads with ample parking.
Directions how to get there, please click here:

Snoopy Run
Singapore Sports Hub

Sun 24 April 2016, 7am - 10:45am

Transport Info

The Singapore Hub is conveniently located right on the MRT,
major bus routes, and central roads with ample parking.
Directions how to get there, please click here: