Snoopy Run Singapore FAQ

1Where and when do I collect my Race Pack?

Race pack collection will be at Singapore Sports Hub Library on Fri 15th, Sat 16th and Sun 17th April, 2016. Time: 10:30am to 19:30pm.

You MUST bring:

  1. Your printed email confirmation from ACTIVE with run registration number and QR code.
  2. Every runner pack has a unique QR Code. So if you are a team or family, each registration has been sent a unique QR code. Example: 6 friends book as a team. Bring all 6 emailed QR codes.
  3. Your NRIC or ID.
Note: If you are collecting for friends, also bring their printed email confirmations, and ALL QR codes and a copy of their NRIC or ID.

If you did not receive a confirmation email or QR code for each person who registered, please email us on

2 How do I know if I’ve signed up successfully?
You will receive a confirmation email with a QR code upon successful registration. If you do not receive a confirmation please email with your: full name, email, and number of registrations for us to check. If you have a copy of your credit card payment, please attach it thanks.
3 What must I bring to the run on 24 April?

Wear your official tshirt and number bib. Fasten the bib securely. You will not be able to receive your medal or finishing line gifts without the number bib. Bring your NRIC/ ID, or a copy of it.

Travel lightly, as there is no storage which is common for many fun runs. Suggest you wear sun screen protection, a cap, and bring water. Arrive at least 15 minutes before your start time. Remember to warm up properly.

4Registration for the Snoopy Run has at midnight on 23 March.
Registration for the Snoopy Run has closed at midnight on 23 March. Thank you for your support!!!
5Do I have to run all the way? Is there a shorter distance for children?
No, you do not have to jog all the way. You can walk at any time you feel tired. Participants that are tired can stop at any time. They do not have to complete the run. Remember this is a fun day. Be courteous to other participants. If you wish to slow down or walk, please walk on the left side, so runners can pass by on the right. The distance is approximately 5km, this may vary depending on the route permissions available.
6Is there any finishing medal?
Yes, there is. You must wear your official Snoopy Run t-shirt and runners bib number tag, and complete the race by running or walking to receive the medal.
7Will I be able to change my personal particulars after I signed up and paid for the registration?

  1. Please go to your event page:
  2. Click ‘Sign In’ on the right-top corner
  3. Log in with the account that you registered for this run
  4. On the right-top corner, go to the name you signed up and choose ‘My Events’ in the dropdown menu
  5. In the page you opened, click ‘Edit registration information’


  • Participants entered manually, registered by someone else, registered in a group-registration category, or are under 18 cannot edit registrations. Please email to for help
  • If you need to change the type or size of T-shirts you purchase, please e-mail us your registration number and the changes you wish to make. We will help you to change it
  • All of the changes could only be done before 1 March 2016
8What if the participant is unable to participate on the day?
Yes. You may transfer your registration to someone else on your event website.
An administration fee of $15 will apply.
9Can my friends and families run with me if they are not registered?
No. Participants should be registered.
10Children under 5 years old cannot sign up, but can they go to the site?
Yes, they can. However, considering the safety of your child, children under 5 years old must be accompanied by relatives and friends and wait in the spectators’ area on the side, and join you after you have finished the run.
11Are pets allowed for the run?
No. Pets are not permitted for the run.
12What happens if it is rainy on the day?
The fun run will continue if there is some rain. If the rain is extreme, we may postpone the starting time. If it weather is so severe that it becomes dangerous, the race may be stopped. There are no cancellation fees or refunds in the event of adverse weather. In case of force majeure factors, the organizer may adjust the run, or postpone or cancel the run, and relevant announcement will be announced in the official website before the run.
13Will there be water stops?
Stay hydrated. The organizer will provide water stops, but suggest you may wish to bring your own water.
14Is there any safety precautions or measures?
There will be first-aid stations, ambulances and medical staff at the scene. Stay healthy. If you are not feeling well on the day, or during the race, please stop and do not participate. If you suffer from a previous injury, or health condition, do not participate in the run. Please participate according to your own physical condition on the day of running, and please make sure to have ample sleep one day before the activity and eat moderately 1 hour before running on the day.
15Can I purchase T-shirt or runner pack additionally?
The T-shirts and all runner pack materials of this activity are of limited edition, currently extra purchase or individual purchase are not available.
16Can I get a refund?
No refunds will be allowed. You can transfer your registration to someone else online at an admin fee of $15.
17Will there be storage?
As with most fun runs, no storage will be provided. This is a fun run, so travel light with only what is necessary.
18Additional FAQs will be added and updated, please come back for more ticket, booking, registration and run related information:

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The organizer reserves the right to make any changes to the run if necessary. These may include changes to (but not limited to) the run details, venue, runner packs' contents, design, materials or specifications, time, date, prizes, gifts, sponsors, photo opportunities, personalities or other information announced or published. Extra effort will be made to minimize any changes.